thirsty thursday: moscow mules

This is, by far, one of my absolute favorite cocktails.


Let’s rewind for a moment. One day last summer, the hubs and I were spending a wonderful Saturday afternoon in our local downtown area, meandering from shop to shop and rooftop to rooftop. It was one of those days that bespoke time outdoors, and I am fairly certain we had gone for a hike earlier in the day as well.

When tired legs called for a break, we headed to one of our favorite bars and settled in to the cozy corner table on their back patio. Because it was earlier in the afternoon…you know, the time between lunch and dinner when no one is really around?…we had pretty much the entire space to ourselves. This made for a lovely, quiet spot to post up for a bit. When our waitress brought out cocktail menus, my eyes actually darted to the bottled beers list. This is rare form for me; while I love a craft beer on occasion, I typically lean towards lighter-style drinks (wine, clear spirits, that kind of thing). Feeling adventurous, though, I thought to mix up my usual routine.

My eyes moving about the page, darting back and forth and up and down, finally caught a word that grabbed my attention – ginger beer. I thought to myself that this was so interesting, and the fact that it was a beverage for adults, made it a winner all around. After placing our orders I eagerly began to await the arrival of my drink.

Not a moment or so later, our drinks were delivered. My ginger beer was served with a tall glass of ice and a side of lime wedges. Upon instruction, I poured the cold beer over the ice and squeezed the limes on top. Once sip later, and I was hooked. Give me ginger beer, or give me nothing at all!

Fast forward to today. The drink we are focusing on, the ‘moscow mule’ pays homage to this amazing, refreshing beverage. The perfect drink for summer, but also the perfect drink for anytime. Less ice and a bit more ginger flavor makes it a great autumn drink – the sharp ginger flavor does a great job of warming you up from the inside out. If it’s summertime, serve in a chilled glass with lots of crushed ice. I have also been know to add a splash of coconut rum for an extra kick; I’ve found that it helps enhance the flavor of the cocktail itself. However you choose to enjoy it, be sure to sip it slowly and with your feet up…you’ll be transported to a tasty place of relaxation.



Moscow Mule

{serves 1}

One part vodka

One part lime juice {please don’t sell yourself short on flavor; using fresh squeezed lime juice is a must here !}

Three parts ginger beer {Crabbie’s is my go-to brand of choice}

To make the drink:

Fill a glass with ice {the traditional glass of choice is a copper mug, but whatever you have will do!}. Pour the above listed ingredients into a glass and mix well. Pour into the ice-filled glass and serve with fresh lime wedges on the side.

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