thirsty thursday: springtime spritzer

Even with all this crazy weather we’ve been experiencing as of late {as I sit here typing this, we have been watching sleet and the occasional flurry fall from the sky}, my mind is refusing to accept it. Mentally, I’m somewhere else – perhaps you are joining me – sipping a zippy spring cocktail, the sun shining down on my face and warming me from head to toe. I refuse to accept this gloomy April weather! We’re halfway to May, and there is just no reason to put up with cloudy, gray skies…cold winds…and big flat snowflakes. I’ve been enjoying wine spritzers for some time now. It’s probably one of the easiest drinks to whip up in a pinch. After all, you need only two{!) ingredients – wine of your choice and club soda. I don’t know about you all, but club soda is one thing we always, always keep on hand around here. Not only does it make for a refreshing drink {served over ice with a twist of citrus} but it is also known to jazz up many a cocktail – we’re talking spiked sodas, among other things. But today…today, we’re taking a stroll down spritzer lane.


I have no qualms in admitting to you, dear readers, that we typically keep a box of white wine in our refrigerator. This is not the type that many of you may, or may not, remember from your college days – that “oh so classy” white box of sugary goodness, known for being passed around a large group of your friends. In fact, since I have graduated {class of ’09!} the stereotypical box of wine has come a long long long way. Aside from the fact that you get more voluminous bang for your boozy buck, a good box of wine will keep for quite some time in the refrigerator. I love to keep it on hand, not only for drinks {obviously} but it is a great addition into your basic saute of onions and garlic, stirred into seafood sauces, and using to wilt greens. But let’s perhaps save that conversation for another time, shall we? As I was discussing earlier, I’ve been enjoying a crisp, refreshing white wine spritzer over the past few days. Currently, we have a box of ‘Bota Box’ chardonnay staying chilled in our refrigerator with a bottle of club soda resting beside it. Depending on my mood, I’ll either have the hubs serve it straight up with just those two ingredients, or he will jazz it up slightly…I’m laying the groundwork for you all, based on the routes we like to take more often than not, but feel free to make this particular cocktail your own! After all, when you’re imbibing in a beverage, you want to make sure that its flavor and composition are right up your alley. Mix and match however you like; please do share your favorite combinations and concoctions with us so that we can see how creative this drink can be!


Cheers! ~~~ Springtime Spritzer {serves 1} Basic Ingredients: 2 parts white wine 1 part club soda lime wedge for garnish, optional *make sure these are properly chilled! To Prepare: Fill a white wine or highball glass with ice {we’ve been a huge fan of these ice cubes mold for cocktails lately}. Pour in the white wine, and then top with the club soda. Garnish with a wedge of lime, squeezed over the cocktail or simply floated on top. This is one cocktail that is easily customizable! Some of my favorite “mash ups” for this drink include using a fruit wine with club soda, or a slightly sweeter white wine with flavored club soda {La Croix waters are a great base for this drink, as they provide a slight hint of flavor without taking away from the flavor of the wine}. A splash or two of flavored brandy is a great mix in as well; triple sec, grand marnier, schnapps, etc. also make for a great flavor boost!


8 thoughts on “thirsty thursday: springtime spritzer

    • Thanks my dear! Wine spritzers are one of those “easily forgotten” cocktails, I think – my awesome husband was the one who reminded me about them :) so easily enjoyed, and so adaptable, as well – cheers to you, and happy Thursday!

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