thirsty thursday: mother’s day mom-osas

Forgive the cheesy pun, my dears – but on this particular “thirsty thursday” post, we’re raising our glasses to the wonderful mothers in our lives.


With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I thought it best appropriate to dedicate a cocktail {albeit an easy, but delicious one!} to our moms. After all, they’re the reason we all are here, right? With all the time we want to spend with them on their special day, we certainly don’t want to be pouring over endless glasses, tediously measuring out amount of multiple liquors and juices.#aintgottimeforthat

A simple beverage that is incredibly easy to assemble, but incredibly easy to dress up, a mimosa is the ultimate Mother’s Day brunch cocktail. A pitcher {or multiple pitchers} is my favorite route to take when preparing this particular cocktail. No more difficult than a ratio of orange juice to champagne, this cocktail is the perfect balance of bright, crisp citrus notes with a slight effervescence courtesy of the “bubbly”.


And like I mentioned, it is so easy to make this pitcher of awesome your own! We always love to add fresh fruit – here we used strawberries, both sliced into the mixture and as a garnish on the glass – but really, any fruit will do! With this drink, you’re only limited to your imagination..

*mangoes and pineapples add a fun, tropical twist

*cherries add a bright, tart flavor which nicely compliments the vibrant orange juice

*blood orange juice can replace navel oranges for a creative and beautifully colored twist

…and don’t limit yourself to just fruits!

*a few splashes of “whipped” vodka adds a subtle sweetness {think of an orange julius, but on the more adult side}

*flavored vodkas can add an extra punch, if you know you’ll be spending hours around the table with your loved ones

*st. germain liquor, garnished with a sprig of mint, makes for an unusual but tasty twist {think grapefruit taste for this one}

And because we’re all about making this for our moms today, I can’t help but say a few words about my own. She is not only the reason that I am who I am today, but so much of what I learned about cooking and spending time in the kitchen, whether relaxing over stirring a pot of soup or lovingly scooping cookies for dear ones, I owe it all to her.

So today, Mom, I raise my glass to you – Happy {early} Mother’s Day! I love you!


Mother’s Day Mom-osas

{servings vary – I typically plan on one pitcher for 4 people, but amounts of both alcohol and juice can be adjusted accordingly}


Fresh squeezed orange juice {with or without pulp – I prefer it in}

Champagne, prosecco, or sparkling wine of choice

Garnishes {fruit wedges, etc.}

Additional spirits for flavor…and extra kick! {optional}

*make sure your juices and spirits are chilled well!*

To Prepare:

In a tall pitcher, combine equal parts {I go 50/50} of champagne and orange juice, stirring well to combine. Add in whatever fruits you like, making sure to save a few extra for serving and presentation.

Serve in festive glasses, with slices on the side of each glass. For a bit of extra fun, stir in a splash or two of whatever liquor your heart desires.


Cheers to all you moms out there! xo

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