thirsty thursday: the grand larceny

Imitation is often the nicest way to provide flattery, no?


That’s what we’re focusing on today’s post. As you all very well know by now, my husband has proven himself quite the mixologist behind the bar – having found great success at whipping up his own cocktails when the mood strikes, he knows how to perfectly balance flavors in a drink so that they are tasty and enjoyable {see here and here, to name a few!}. I certainly don’t complain about this, not in the very least. But as I mentioned above, sometimes it’s just so much fun to bring a delicately crafted cocktail from the bar out, and back home. While it’s certainly a great time to go out and enjoy drinks in the company of peers, sometimes all that you really want to do is to kick off your shoes, put your legs up, and enjoy a spirit {or two!} in the comfort of your own home.

We’re going there today, friends! Enter this cocktail.


The hubs and I were out for a Saturday afternoon, not too long ago, enjoying the springtime air at our favorite local winery before making our way to the downtown area for dinner. Because we had decided to dine out somewhat spur of the moment, we realized that we had a bit of time to kill before hunger sat in and dinner time really started. So we decided – why not? Let’s go grab a drink  on our way to dinner! Situating ourselves at the bar, with an excellent location right in front of the icy stream that is laced along the entire length of the top {both looking cool and keeping your drink even cooler – win!}, we began to peruse the menu.

The restaurant we settled on is known for being a brewhaus and grill, but they make one heck of a cocktail. The hubs kept it classic and went with their beer flight…reason being it had been some time since we had tasted all of them, and to try their latest seasonal. But I decided to step somewhat out of my comfort zone {I typically lean towards crisp drinks, on the clearer side} and settled on what they called their ‘Grand Larceny’ – a bourbon based drink with just a hint of orange liquor and fresh orange juice. Garnished with fresh orange, I thought that this would be the perfect Saturday afternoon refresher, to not only satisfy my summery spirit, but get my palette prepared for what was sure to be a delicious and delightful date night out.



The Grand Larceny {adapted from Bull & Bones cocktail menu}



1.5 ounces bourbon

1/2 ounce orange liqeur {Grand Marnier, or something similar}

3 ounces freshly squeezed orange juice

flamed orange peel, optional, or an orange twist, for garnish


To Make:

Mix all ingredients over ice and serve. How easy is that?!



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