thirsty thursday: syringe shooters!

Thirsty Thursday is back, y’all – and just in time for football season!

The hubs and I have missed concocting all sorts of delicious, tasty liquid libations to share here with everyone…but with the travels and hectic schedule over the past several months {remember this and this and this, just to name a few!} it’s been hard carving out the time for cocktail crafting.

You may be asking yourself what we have up our {long} sleeves, now that fall is here and crisp drinks are no longer as craved. We decided to kick off the season, both fall cocktails and football, with a classic favorite – the syringe shooter!

I can see the grins on your face already, I promise. Yes, these are very college-esque. Yes, they are a bit processed and not the typical fresh/crafty drink we love to share. BUT! Fall and football go hand in hand, and since we live in a college town, it’s hard to resist the pull of communal shooters.



We made these for a recent tailgate, when we played host to a dear friend and his absolutely awesome family, with a few new {& equally awesome} friends thrown in there too! These were the perfect start to a fun day, and a way to gather the troops for a fun rally when the rain left us feeling a bit dreary. And I promise, they won’t leave you stumbling around after one or two….we’re keeping it friendly here, after all!


Syringe Shooters

The perfect communal shooter for any sort of gathering – indoor or outdoor – these can be prepared in advance and can be made in all sorts of fun colors! We opted for a maroon and orange theme for this, but let your imagination run wild! In addition to football/tailgate events, I could see these being all sorts of fun for a “tacky sweater Christmas party”, a Halloween get-together, or even the 4th of July! And for those who like to keep their drinks sans-alcohol, simply omit the vodka and follow regular Jell-o preparations. Cheers! 


1 box of Jell-o

2 cups cold water {we will be boiling this}

1 cup vodka {this amount will yield about a 10% shooter. if you’d like to reduce the alcohol content per shooter, lessen the amount of vodka and replace with cold water}

1 cup cold water

special equipment: ez-squeeze jell-o shooters

To Prepare:

Begin by pouring the Jell-o into the bottom of a large pitcher. Set aside.

Bring the 2 cups of cold water to a rolling boil. Remove from heat and pour into pitcher containing the Jell-o. Stir to dissolve.


Place hot liquid into the refrigerator to cool to {at least} room temperature – allow for 30 to 60 minutes cooling time.

Once the liquid has cooled down, add the cold water and vodka. Stir to combine.

Use the syringe shooters {if you don’t have them, mini plastic cups work great!} and fill up about 2/3 full. Repeat with remaining shooters and place in refrigerator to set until firm.


Time to party!

Let’s Discuss: what is the craziest group shooter you’ve ever done?


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