last minute gift ideas

It’s crunch time! Has everyone finished their holiday shopping yet? Gifts beautifully packaged, and placed under the tree? Or are you a bit like me, scrambling around last minute looking for the perfect gift for those special folks in your life? Look no further, y’all – I’ve compiled a great list of last minute gift ideas that look anything but!

Clubs & Subscriptions 

  • Beer of the Month Club –> the perfect gift for the craft beer lover in your life; for him or her! Choose between different packages and selections.
  • Wine of the Month Club –> same as above; do you have a friend who adores wine? This is an ideal gift because you have the option to select different blends and types of wine.
  • Netflix Subscription –> maybe you have a friend who loves to binge watch old TV shows and movies {or is that just me??}…this is a winner for anyone.

Books and Magazines

Household Goods

Now, let the last-minute shopping commence!

2 thoughts on “last minute gift ideas

  1. Great ideas!! I could pick a few out for myself. I’m one of those crazy people who only shops online and likes to be done by Thanksgiving. Crunch time for me is Christmas Eve when I finally decide to start wrapping!! Tina

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