valentine’s day ideas & inspirations

That oh-so-sweet and wonderfully romantic day is almost here…Valentine’s Day, of course!

I am a total romantic, and love getting swept up in the allure of this holiday. Granted, it’s a become a bit commercialized; shouldn’t we celebrate those we love all year long? But for me, I like to see it as yet another opportunity for me to spoil those I love.

One of my absolute favorite traditions about Valentine’s Day is ::you guessed it:: the food! The hubs and I like to go out for a fancy-schmancy dinner around this time, but I like to view it as an opportunity for me to whip up several dishes for a really special meal spent at home. I’ve been pouring over recipes {both savory and sweet} to provide inspiration for this year’s menu. While I certainly have locked it down yet, here’s what has caught my eye!

And of course, a few tried and true favorites:


…I’ll leave my hubby on cocktail duty ; )

happy celebrating, everyone! xox


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