compound butter

Compound butter is a lost, often-forgotten about ingredient for many people today…myself included! There’s something to be said about folding a few flavors into a perfectly soft stick of unsalted butter; it is transformed radically, bursting forth with flavor, color, and life. It comes together in just a matter of minutes, requires no prep work, and only uses up one or two dishes. Simply combine your desired ingredients, roll into a log, and chill until ready! I mean, these are the recipes that we live for, no?

I’m keeping it simple today and sharing some of my favorite ways to jazz up that stick of butter; perhaps you’ll find inspiration for your next brunch, sandwich spread, or simple piece of toast. Savory combinations or sweet, it’s the perfection offering for any meal. I often find myself not really measuring the add-ins; rather, I prefer to taste as I add them in, tweaking as I go along {sometimes, a little extra butter isn’t the worst idea!}. I’d love to hear – what are your favorite combinations to use?

Compound Butter

The perfect way to elevate anything – from a simple piece of toast or fresh baguette, all the way to a beautiful tablespace for a brunch or dinner party. Embrace the beauty of this dish, and make it your own!


1 stick of organic, unsalted butter…room temperature is best for mixing

mix-ins: {cinnamon and sugar} {chopped fresh rosemary} {macerated berries} {sun-dried tomatoes and basil} {sage and parmesan cheese} {lemon zest and julienned fresh mint} {dried cranberries and orange zest} {horseradish and chives}…for the herbs, I tend to start with several tablespoons. the macerated berries will be close to 1/4 cup. grated cheeses and citrus can be done to suit personal taste. 
To Prepare:
Lay a piece of parchment paper or piece of seran wrap onto the surface of your countertop. This is going to become the “vessel” for storing the compound butter.
In a large mixing bowl combine the softened butter with your desired mix-in ingredients {you can either do this by hand, or with the paddle attachment of your standing mixer} until well blended. Make sure to scrape down the sides.
Transfer the mixture into the center of your parchment paper/seran wrap, shaping into a log form with your spatula. Fold in the sides of the paper, using it to tightly pack the butter into a firm shape*. Place in the refrigerator and allow it to set before serving. Be sure to re-seal it between uses.
*alternatively, you can simply spoon the compound butter into a serving dish and use right away. 

5 thoughts on “compound butter

  1. I guess I have never thought of the mixes I make with our butter as compound butter. The kids call it flavored butter usually. Some of the ways I make it are: minced garlic and butter (for garlic bread and pizza crusts. I usually have a small container in my fridge of this all the time), Sun-Dried Tomatoes minced in the chopper, butter and goat cheese crumbles at room temperature served on crackers (I top this with cut scallions also), and my favorite butter, sour cream and chives mixed and chilled to put on baked potatoes. Love it!!!

  2. Nice ideas! :)
    Indeed many people forget about this wonderful way of seasoning. A shame, because it’s so easy to make and keep.
    I invite you to check out my recipe for sun dried tomatoes and pine nuts compound butter. It’s a great addition to many dishes.

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