thirsty thursday: come on, spring!

…the snow is melting! 

…daylight savings time, in all its glory, has made its return.

…multiple days with comfortable temperatures are more & more common.

Y’all, spring is so close! I woke up this morning, threw on my workout gear and headed out the door. While it’s now much darker outside {I mean, I leave at 5:15am…call me crazy, I know} but I swear that it just smelled ::fresh:: outside. Maybe it’s just my senses being hypersensitive and sick of winter, but I can feel it – the dawn of spring is upon us!

Image result for springtime

I turned that thought over and over in my head all day, smiling each time I thought about the crisp air, fresh flowers, and green grass. Almost gone are the days of comforting dishes and drinks; let’s clear our bar {& table} to make way for the sweet and savory offerings that this glorious season has to offer! The hubs and I have been compiling a list of fun cocktails and spirits to test run in the next weeks; I wanted to share the list today, in honor of ‘thirsty thursday’ so that you might find inspiration as well! Please share in the comments if you try, or have tried, any of these concoctions – I’d love to hear what you think.







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