how to: a romantic date-night in

…I’ll admit, I feel like I’ve been on a bit of a “how to” kick lately! But it’s also something that I feel is important to take the time to do – as busy people {whether working, parenting, or being a student} with extracurriculars and other daily activities that take up much of our time, it’s a breath of fresh air to be reminded to have fun; setting time aside for ourselves is just as necessary, no? 

With a lot of trips/visits/activities packed into our schedule over the past two months, the hubs and I have prioritized a weekly “date night” practice that really has turned into, I’ll admit, somewhat of a new tradition. We pick one weekend evening where we stay home and go through all the musings: nice outfit, special dinner, cocktails and drinks. Heck, I even put some music on while I’m preparing dinner and the hubs is on the other side whipping up drinks! It’s the little touches that make nights in so much more special; today, I thought I would detail a bit more of our routine : ) 

-Alicia xoxo

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How To: Have a Romantic Date Night In

  • as i mentioned above, get dressed up for the occasion! it might not feel like it matters much, since you’re at home, but i’ve found that it really helps elevate the mood. when you feel good, you look good!
  • set up a designated “happy hour” from the point where you and your significant other are both “ready” for the date; enjoy a few cocktails or, perhaps your beer lovers – make a point to run to the store beforehand to pick up some specialty craft beers you’re both dying to taste!
  • music. have some fun tunes playing lightly in the background – it gives you more of a restaurant/bar vibe, but since you control the channel, you both will always be happy with the selection! {we even like to switch genres to a more subtle tune for when we sit down to dinner}
  • candles. i am a HUGE fan of candles, and have them lit whenever possible. i may go a bit overboard for occasions such as this, but it really adds a special touch; plus, the lighting is super warm and inviting…much nicer than bright overhead lights! & keep the blinds in your home up for bonus natural light.
  • when it comes to dinner, we gravitate more towards a tapas-style approach. i think small bites are more fun, not only because you can enjoy more of them {hehe}, but it makes preparation much easier! i focus on one larger place {think crab dip, or wings} then  set out lots of little snacks with it – olives, nuts, a nice block of sharp cheese, dried fruits, crackers. that way, you can build and customize your plate exactly as you’d like.
  • pick a fun activity for post-dinner. whether it’s watching a movie you’re both itching to see, playing some board games, or even just sitting down and catching up on the week, make sure you end date night on a high note!

I’d love to hear how you make your nights spent in with your loved ones{s} special! Leave me a note in the comments! 

5 thoughts on “how to: a romantic date-night in

  1. We have a hot tub we use year round and during the week the kids are allowed in before bed here and there but on the weekends it’s mom and dad time. While it’s only a 15 minute period of time alone, it’s quality/connection time where we can either discuss the week or be silent and stare at the night sky. Other times we take a trail ride together on our property just us. Great post! Tina

    • Eek! So jealous you have a hot tub – we are constantly talking how we would love to have one :) talk about some enjoyable one-on-one time! Not to mention enjoying it at night under the stars; that’s the best time to soak it all in!

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