lately: couple’s vacay!

The hubs and I had the most AMAZING summer vacation; I might just go ahead and say that it takes the top spot! In the week that we spent off, we managed to do everything we love: explore one of our favorite Southern cities, lounge beachside at the most incredible B&B, and get back to our camping roots in a gorgeous state park! The quality time we shared was idyllic, and I wanted to share some of the moments with y’all! 

Alicia xoxo

~    ~     ~     ~     

Part 1: Charleston, SC

IMG_7461 (null) (2) (null) IMG_7467


IMG_7497 IMG_7498 IMG_7510 IMG_7530 IMG_7532 IMG_7539

IMG_7553 IMG_7555 IMG_7554


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Part 2: Folly Beach, SC

IMG_7566 IMG_7565 IMG_7567 IMG_7570


IMG_7582 IMG_7595 IMG_7643 IMG_7647 IMG_7655

~    ~     ~     ~     

Part 3: Lake Norman State Park, NC



IMG_0977 IMG_0972

IMG_0974IMG_0983IMG_7683 IMG_7687



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