thirsty thursday: beer adventures in NC/SC

To stray slightly off from my traditional “thirsty thursday” posts, I wanted to share with y’all a recap of some of the awesome craft breweries we were able to check out while on our vacation earlier this summer! We toured throughout North and South Carolina over the course of several days; don’t ask me to pick a favorite, because I definitely couldn’t : ) Take a peak in, I hope you enjoy!

Alicia xoxo

 ~     ~     ~     ~

Stop #1: Palmetto Brewery, South Carolina 

IMG_7461 IMG_7464



 ~     ~     ~     ~

Stop #2: Holy City Brewery, South Carolina




 ~     ~     ~     ~

Stop #3: Revelry Brewery, South Carolina




 ~     ~     ~     ~

Stop #4: The Unknown Brewery, North Carolina

IMG_7661 IMG_7665



 ~     ~     ~     ~

Stop #5: Birdsong Brewery, North Carolina

IMG_7668 birdsong menu

 ~     ~     ~     ~

Stop #6: NoDa Brewery, North Carolina  

 nodabeers IMG_7669

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