All the photos found on my site are all taken by myself, and all texts are written by myself {unless otherwise noted}. If a photo, quote, image, etc. is used that is not the property of Kitchen Konfidential, I will always link back to the original source and/or provide written credit.

All of the photos and texts found here on Kitchen Konfidential are the property of Alicia, so please be considerate and do not steal or take credit without asking for my permission.

If you choose to refer to a recipe, post, image, etc. please link back so that credit can be given. This is always welcome!


Products, Restaurants, Events, Etc.

Any products that appear on my blog are items that have been purchased by myself or have been gifted. I do not receive any compensation for talking about products. I just love to share my appreciation of good things!

The same can be said for talking about restaurants, events, particular brands, etc. – all opinions are my own. I do not receive any compensation for doing so. I will be sure to make note of that, should the occasion ever present itself!



I have chosen {as of the present} to not participate in the ad-removal program offered by WordPress. I have no control over what appears on my website {that is not my own written word}; with that being said, I hope that nothing seen by any of my viewers would ever cause offense to them.



I always appreciate constructive criticism! However, please keep everything on a positive note – after all, we are all here to share what makes us happy. Attacks on my readers will not be tolerated.


….phew! thanks for bearing through the more “stuffy” jargon of online blogging. My overall goal of this blog is to share what I love to do, so I hope that that is reflected here. 



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