giving thanks.

giving thanks.

…as we all sit down at the table, surrounded by those friends and family we love so much, let’s not only take the time to be thankful for them, but also for the opportunity to be sharing this day with them. for there are those who are not always as fortunate as everyone else. let’s remember those this day, and include them in our table.

to celebrate this day, in the spirit of giving thanks, i want to share with all of you a few things i am thankful for.

*my wonderful husband; my life partner; my very best friend.

*my family, both by blood and by marriage; i could not be more blessed to share this lifetime with them.

*my friends; old and new, near and far.

*the experiences with everyone this past year {tahoe, sonoma, hubs/wife trip, & all of the other amazing weekends we were able to spend with friends and family}

*a wonderful, warm home that i share with my husband

*my sweet Lane puppy

*good health & spirit

*my faith

…and you, my dears! you’ve made it an incredible journey thus far. it’s been wonderful to share “memories”, recipes, and ideas with each and every one of you.

so today i raise a glass to all of the above, a toast of thanks and love for all my life has been blessed with.