Tips & Tricks

….over my past years of cooking, I’ve come up with my fair share of secrets, swaps, and substitutes!

Here are the links I used the most, both here on the blog and elsewhere.

while this particular recipe is not perfect for an immediate swap, it’s a great way to utilize those expensive vanilla beans you buy for special occasions! I share my favorite way to make homemade extract here. 

…do yourself a big favor and keep a jar of molasses on hand. If I’ve learned anything in my years of cooking, it’s that brown sugar is not always on hand! By combining sugar and molasses, you’ve got yourself the perfect substitute. Check it out! 

…the perfect way to dress up any drink, cocktail or not! In addition to ginger simple syrup, I also talk about how easy it is to make this staple in a matter of minutes. Not only is it a great way to control the levels of sugar you drink in a beverage, you can jazz it up any which way!

…for those baking moments when, in a pinch, you need buttermilk! Whether it’s pancakes, scones, or cakes, this will have you covered. The best part is, it takes only minutes to bring it together!

…take advantage of the bulk bins at your local whole foods/organic store to make your own nut butter! The possibilities for nuts and flavors are endless, and it comes together in just a few quick pulses of the food processor.

…one of the perks about preparing your own salad dressings is that you control the flavor {and fat} amounts! This is a great base for a creamier dressing, because we’re using low-fat buttermilk and reduced fat sour cream. You won’t be missing flavor with this one! & it’s easy to customize – drizzle in some hot sauce, add in some fresh chopped herbs {parsley, or chives, to name a few} and you’re left with a dressing sure to please.

…an easy kitchen hack that will save you countless trips to the grocery store when you’re elbows deep in pastry dough! This can be made to use, or stored in larger batches for those who use it frequently! 

…a two-for-one kind of recipe, if you ask me! here we’re looking at my go-to recipe for making a mulling spice mixture at home; you know exactly what goes into it, and can make it your own! not to mention, when you have it simmering on the stove, the aroma throughout your home is, simply, intoxicating. 

…need a few last minute ideas for getting your menu and home together before the holiday season officially kicks off? look no further! i’ve got you covered here with some tried and true tips i’ve picked up over the years. 

…need a few last minute gift ideas? look no further! from the foodie to the book lover, & everything else in between, i’ve got you covered.

…a fresh start to 2015! with many people resolving to eat a bit healthier, here are some of my favorite ways to lighten up meals. 

…quick and easy ideas for the upcoming game! or any game, really…because do we really need to celebrate football but once a year? these dishes are great for any major game.

…because sometimes we all need a few extra ideas to treat our loved ones. here, i’m sharing some of my favorite recipes to cook {or am looking forward to cooking!} for my husband. 

…the perfect accompaniment to any table – be it brunch, tapas plates, or even a simple dinner; compound butter brings a wonderful layer of flavor.

…because today, we’re all a wee bit Irish!

…some of my favorite ideas, old and new, for the Easter celebration!

…a few of my favorite articles for being the perfect hostess, plus a few of my own tips I’ve gathered up and learned over the years. …

… the hubs and I make nights in special and romantic. 

…some of my favorite go-to articles for tips, tricks & inspired ways to celebrate the kick-off of summer!

…great links here for planning the perfect menu, decor, and games for adults and kids alike!

…some great “go-to” articles for planning the perfectly spooky party, decorating your home, & of course – tasty food and drink ideas!

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